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Friday, August 20, 2010

Electrical Engineering Tutorial Still Alive?

It's been nine months ago when I stopped making a post here at Electrical Engineeering for Beginners. I had received more comments for some other topics I published. I just want to apologized for my very late response. As you know, I'm not a full time writer of this blog related to Electrical Engineering.

For this 2010 onwards, I will be making my own website about Electrical Engineering. But that will depend on my time since there are no other support I'm receiving to complete this course outline. As of now I'm busy learning an HTML or the Hyper Text Markup Language and CSS or the Cascading Style Sheets to make a website of my own. Besides, I'm a full time worker in one of the semiconductor company where all my time are being spend only to support my family. For all of you readers out there, good news! this Online Electrical Engineering tutorial will  resume on September 2010.

I will continue making a post about Electrical Engineering topics from where I stopped. This blog is now ranking well in Google SERP's which makes me to inspire because it's now PR4 which beats other big sites out there. This will push me helping out our young wanna be Electrical Engineering students today. I would like to thank those who are continue subscribing to this site though it's not been updated for a long time. Now, its your turn to open your laptop and see my two to three times post per week.

More things to clarify out....

I also received an email about this blog was being nominated as Top Blogs conducted by other big sites out there. Ok, well then there are you again links that would like to enter my site in order to have a one way link. You are encouraging me to put your badge to my site containing your links. I checked your site and it's only PR0. Well I'm sorry, but I refused to put your badge to my site. I would like to have a quality links to my site. I just only link to higher PR sites related to Electrical Engineering.

There are also some concerns that I would like to clarify to my readers out there. One time, I received an email requesting me to post about a topic related also to Electrical Engineering. Ok, I will just make a post for your request if there are more requesting for that particular topic.

I also received an emails on how to pass Electrical Engineering board exam. They are also asking me on how to get some manuals or review materials. Well, my advice to you is to enroll yourselves to any known Electrical Engineering Review Centers. In the Philippines, the well known Review Center is the Powerline. This is where I took my review and refresher. One thing that you should put in your mind especially to our Electrical Engineers wanna be. It's not on the review center that matters most, its on how you really understand the principles behind Electrical Engineering. Review Centers will just only give you the technique. Your knowledge is still that matters most here and your confidence on how you will pass your Electrical Engineering Board. To those who are new to this site. You may read my post here:

So much for that, I also received an email on exchanged links to other Electrical Engineering sites. Today, my decision is to stop having an exchanged links because Google will detect my site as spam. I'll better do a high quality content to sustain my SERP. Please stop sending me an email for exchanged links. I only do for one way link.

Now, how do I convinced you to come back to my site?

First, Learning Electrical Engineering keyword have a Global Monthly Search of 3,600. Not too bad to build this site. Advertising competition is only medium.

See this: keyword for "Learning Electrical Engineering"

In Google Search Engine, this site is still number one considering nine months without post or update. Take a look on the other side below:

In Yahoo, Learn Electrical Engineering is still No.3 first page for the mentioned keyword. Considering my site is only hosted free, it also rank well with those mentioned big search engines. You can still find this site easily. Ranking well in search engines means this site has a higher authority and with good quality contents over the other.

For my readers out there, please help me to continue this mission of teaching online for Electrical Engineering. I want to optimized my site with a most competitive keyword "Electrical Engineering". I hope I can still make it to the top.

Stay tune for more updates here in Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners.



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