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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Jobs Awaits for Electrical Engineering Graduates Today?

Let me pause for awhile in posting lectures about Electrical Engineering. Let's have a short talk about the jobs and opportunity awaits for all graduates of Electrical Engineering. Details are fact based on the present situation nowadays and also based on my own personal experienced.

According to National Statistics Coordination Board in the Philippines, unemployment rise from 7.5% of April 2009 to 8.0% of April 2010. The most common rise up of this unemployment rate is because of the newly graduates and one of these are the Electrical Engineering graduates. There are approximately about 1,611 newly graduates in the Philippines (Registered for Electrical Engineering Board Exams)which are expected to be unemployed nowadays. Still grabbing for a new job and opportunity that may suit them.

In U.S. according to Department of Labor's Bereau of Labor Statistics employment grew for Electrical Engineers by 7.8% from the fourth quarter of 2009 to the first quarter of 2010 and now 16.1% above compared to its very low employment last first quarter of 2009. This rise of employment for Electrical Engineering field was due to positive recovery in the U.S. economy.

What's the reason of giving this short comparison to you?

Sad to say, there are only limited of opportunities and jobs for Electrical Engineering here in the Philippines even before during my time way back 1999 after passing my licensure exams. If there is an opportunity or jobs available for Electrical Engineering, the salary or the compensation is very low. Besides, majority of them will required you a minimum two years experience for the position even in the Junior/Cadet Engineering position. That's why other Electrical Engineering graduates like me were all shifted to semiconductor field with attractive compensation and benefits and got their luck related to their field and some aren't got any but dive into last resort which is in the semiconductor operations/processes. Others with no luck in this field grabbed their fate in the call centers- poor engineers...

In connection to this, many Electrical Engineering graduates and experts in the Philippines try their luck to get their job somewhere in US, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Abu dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, Dammam, Doha, Qatar and sometimes in Canada but quiet limited unlike Saudi Arabia. This means that the Philippine Government should work more on jobs availability most especially to our professionals and experts.  

Take a look on this snapshot in JobStreet: Click on the picture to enlarge.

Electrical Engineering Jobs
If you click "ALL Locations" will appear only limited opportunities in the Phillipines where most of the jobs are in Saudi Arabia in Electrical Engineering.

Take a look on the National Capital Region- Philippines. There are only 97 jobs available below considering this region is the center for opportunities and jobs in any field. Would you think newly graduates of Electrical Engineering could accomodate them all? If you read the qualifications almost none of them offers for newly graduates. If there is, only FEW.

Electrical Engineering Jobs
If you click the National Capital Region, only 97 jobs available with almost no one affers jobs for Electrical Engineering newly graduates.

In my information above, I've already given you a brief idea where most of the jobs and opportunities are coming in for Electrical Engineering field.

So, what are the recommended job positions for a newly graduate of Electrical Engineering?

If you are a newly graduate of Electrical Engineering, it is recommended that you start with a Junior position for your job. Some company are required you to train with their traning program if you are a newly graduate but sad to say, NOT ALL. That's why before you accept their offer, be sure they have some training for you before you start with your current job. Some company have higher expectations with their applicants to have a certain number of years of experience for the job position although you are only a newly graduate. Make sure you won't missed this step.

Some of the known positions for Junior position are Assistant Project Engineer, Junior Design Engineer, Estimates, Electrical Inspectors, Electrical Engineer (Junior Position) and many others related to Electrical Engineering jobs. There are some company that accepts newly Electrical Engineering graduates in the middle position considering if you have an attractive qualifications like:
  • Board Topnochers
  • With above average rating in academic performance or an Honor Student.
  • With certain special skills for their requirements: i.e autocad, excellent communication skills, programming, etc...
  • Experience in certain field they required. Majority one year experience.
Not all newly graduates have these qualifications. If you did not fall under these qualifications. Don't loose HOPE.

There are also some other ways you can explore your skills in Electrical Engineering if this is only your line of interest or the job that you want. You should not depend on what the company could offer job for you. Life must go on. You can also start on your own. For example, building your own repair shop related to electrical machineries, electrical layout job for residential, job for electrical installations etc.

Examples above are the acquired skills during your college days and you can explore these things out. If you think you can shift to other line of interest, you may do so. It really depends where you can find your luck in line with Electrical Engineering jobs. Your own decision is still a MUST.

In my personal experience, I have no luck in finding jobs for Electrical Engineering here in the Philippines because of the limited opportunities. Since, I have other skills that I can explore, I shifted in the field of Semiconductor operations and now in the Supervisory position. This is my decision and choice. But still hoping I can find my luck going abroad for Electrical Engineering jobs if there is any opportunity for me. Skills that I have in Electrical Engineering is still there and I believe I can find my luck anytime if I would pursue.

Before I close this post, here are some of the sites where you can browse for jobs in Electrical Engineering:
P.S. These are the top ten sites I have chosen for you as your reference for finding jobs in Electrical Engineering. These are based on the Google search engine. My mission is to give my readers a high quality content readings for this site especially for beginners.

The list of sites above are subject for change as long as I find other sites that offers good job for electrical engineering. So much for this...



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Wow. This blog is great and such an inspiration for a newbie like me. Keep up the good work, and I must say that I am really impressed.

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