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The owner of this site is living in the most hospitable country - Philippines. My name is Donny. Youngest among the Salazar family. I graduated from Technological Institute of the Philippines with the degree of Electrical Engineering last 1999. I acquired my licensed in the same year with an average rating of 82.6%.

In year 2000, I started to work in a manufacturing industry. I'm presently a Senior Supervisor level in this industry and I have a plan to switch in teaching position in one of the State University here in the Philippines. At the same time, I would like to take up my Master Degree  this 2013 in order to improved more my technical skills.

My interest in reading engineering concepts especially in the field of Electrical Engineering, updates on technology like electronic gadgets, internet surfing and blogging gave me a push to build this website. I would like to make this website more popular and helpful to all beginners and Professional Electrical Engineers.

I just want to share some tips to beginners who want to be involved in Electrical Engineering course:

  • If you want to choose Electrical Engineering, it is important that you love mathematics and other applied science like Physics because this is where most of the topics of this site will be deal with.
  • It is important that you are interested in this course otherwise you will not cope up every topic discussed here and you will not make it on your board exam. You will be failed on your career path as Electrical Engineer.
  • You should try to explore in this subject as your learning process. It requires effort to learn something new. If you do this, you will comprehend and appreciate every topic related in this course.
  • Spending your time to have a self review for some topics that you failed to cope up or you missed is very very important one. The series of topics are almost related to each other. You don't have to missed every topics otherwise you will be left behind.
  • It is important that you have patience. There is no such easy course in this world. Every existing course have its own difficulties. You should be ready for that.
  • Be prepared on your board exam. Set your mind and yourself for it. Finally, you can make it!
This blog will be more on basic technical concepts of Electrical Engineering. Do it online now!

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