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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learning Electrical Engineering

First of all, before I give you the purpose of learning this course. Let me give you a short but comprehensive definition of Electrical Engineering. I just want to assumed that my readers are technical and non-technical people. At least they could understand a bit what the content of this site is all about.

Electrical Engineering is an applied science that deals with the study of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism.

L.E.E.B. Mission Statement

Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners ( L.E.E.B. ) is a free educational website aimed at offering high quality training tools, information and up to date technology pertaining to Electrical Engineering course for free.  We view ourselves as partners with our readers, our community and our environment. We aimed to become a popular and well recognized educational website.

L.E.E.B. Vision Statement

Striving to be the world's leader in research and education.


Electrical Engineering is a five years course which is the standard length for almost all Universities and Colleges. The completed course is refer to as Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science depending on the school you attended.

Some Electrical Engineers also pursue their post graduate like Masters Degree and some up to the extent of Doctorate Degree which is known as the highest educational attainment.

Subjects for Electrical Engineering required for this course are:
• Electric Circuits
• Electronic Theory and Circuits
• Energy Conversion
• Power Transmission and Distribution
• Instrumentation and Measurements
• Circuit and Line Protection
• Control Systems
• Principles of Communication
• Electrical Machines
• Electrical Equipment, Components and Devices
• Electrical Systems
• Power Plant
• Electronic Power Equipment
• Illumination
• Building Wiring
• Electrical Engineering Law
• Engineering Management, Contracts and Specifications
• Code of Professional Ethics
• Electrical Code Part 1 and 2 

I will not further explain every subjects above. It will be explain on every beginning of each post.

Skills Required

Before you proceed in learning this course - electrical engineering. An aptitude to technical problem solving, computers and electronics is required in this field. There would be no problem in learning this course if you are experts on basics and to some other subjects related to electrical engineering.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Below are some of the frequently asked questions and I recommend you to read it and just explained below:

1. What is the purpose of this site?

The purpose of this site is to give the beginners the basic overview of Electrical Engineering. This site will tackle the very basic of electric circuits up to major concepts. Other subjects like mathematics will not be covered by this site. It is completely a different topic to deal with. It will tackle the topics which are commonly given during board exams. This is to give the students a broader idea and weigh the subjects to be prioritize in preparation to their incoming board exams.

2. How are topics presented in this site?

The topics will be presented just like how the professor presented the topic in the classroom. It will first present the basic theory or concepts, then afterwards if there are some applications or problem solving it will also be shown in the step by step manner. If techniques are needed, I will also show it just like what I did during my college days.

3. How could I received update from this site?

This site will be updated depending on the availability of the author. If you like to received an update, you may subscribe via email. I provided a subscriber corner on this site to help the readers received an important update they needed. Also, you can bookmark this page if you want so that you could easily track any updates made in this site.

4. Can I comment in every post of this site?

Yes, you can comment in any post of this site except for main pages which are not related to the topic like about me, contact page, privacy policy and whatever pages existing in this site.

I also want to remind you that comment moderation of this site is ON to protect the site from being spam. I will only received those comments which will tend to a healthy discussion. Other than that will be automatically deleted upon authors moderation. I have the rights to delete any comments which I feel not appropriate in this site.

5. How can I helped to promote this site?

You can promote Learn Electrical Engineering for Beginners by copying and paste the link below to your web page.

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6. Who is the author behind this site?

You can read more about the author here.

Enjoy your learning Electrical Engineering course!

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